About Us

Charity Community Robotics Club

We are a group of parents, students, and community minded people who join together to foster a welcoming and nurturing environment for a new generation of young engineers to help make this world a better place.

  • Charity The mission of the Bay Robotics Charity is to encourage, teach, and advance robotics skills for K-12 students through participation in robotics competitions and execution of independent robotics projects ethically and for public benefit.
  • Community Through our advocacy group BRITE we work to improve and expand facilities and programs to accommodate advanced STEM programs in our village. Community members are always welcome to join the effort, e.g. helping to bring proposals before the school board.
  • Club FIRSTĀ® Robotics teams operate, especially at the high school level, like small tech companies and involve much more than engineering/robotics/software such as community outreach, web design, and technical documentation. Students enroll during the summer before the school year starts. We are always looking for parents with technical and non-technical skills to coach and support.

Our Sponsors

We feel honored and privileged to partner with students and parents of the Whitefish Bay community.
We are also thankful for support from businesses represented in and around our village.